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Thursday 5 November 2020


Your School is the Problem not ETX

Regardless of what school, everyone who has requested for their transcripts before, using ETX, has something really bad they experienced in that process. You should know you requesting your transcripts on ETX is either because your school makes that the only option, or you just believe in electronic services so much that you go for ETX instead of having to go to your school in person just because of how far or how busy you are (which by the way is a big lie, you will still need to appear in person or have somebody do that for you after you have requested for your transcripts online). Go to the internet, no one has something god to say about ETX when it comes to transcripts. But why is ETX the company having to face the wrath of the alumni who want their transcripts from their school instead of the school having to answer to their alumni? Let me give you this inside story.

ETX does not have any function in getting your transcripts ready; that’s absolutely the function of your school. ETX only takes transcript orders, report them to the office of your school that is in charge of records that have to do with transcripts (i.e. Exams and Records), the Exams and Records (in the ideal sense of it) fetches for your results from their records you have with your school (maybe on the online database or from the papers), furnish a transcript for you with them, authorize the transcript, and then hand it to ETX to send to when you need the transcripts. Can you see how totally uninvolved ETX is about your transcripts? But because ETX is the company you made the transcripts request through and they are the one you paid to, they happen to be the one to face the music of anger you will end up singing when your transcripts refuse to get delivered; which I believe is why ETX itself has to go bad on how they communicate with their customers, because how can you communicate with people you collected money from for something they need which they are not getting and you are not the one to provide it? No way you would have the best information to give on such thing, and this must be why ETX doesn’t get to communicate well with their customers. But apart from this, you cannot have ETX to blame for all the good opportunities your delayed transcript made you lose; the fault is your school’s. Your school has a backward system of keeping records, your school has staffs that don’t understand the importance of your transcripts (well, you didn’t know the importance too until you badly need it, so...), more so, your school uses ETX to shield you from having to find out that they are the one playing with your life with their bad recording system (though ETX makes their money—in fact too much exploitive money—from being the pawn too, but let’s leave the story of how ETX exploits their customers for another day).

Apart from the fact that I think the Nigerian schools are really bad with records keeping and that affects their alumni too much when it comes down to needing their transcripts, when this is related to OAU, I believe the OAU alumni body is totally not concerned about this problem, and that is because everyone there are people who have been there since the days of glory, I do not think there are new set of alumni active in the body, because if there are, they would have brought it forward in the association how the school is messing with people’s life because of their transcripts, and the association would have done something like probing the school. If OAU is not sued a couple of times and they have to lose millions of money to settle the plaintiffs, the school will not take record keeping seriously as it should be taken in 2020. So while I charge you to not shut up about how OAU makes you lose good opportunities because of your transcripts, I will also advise you—especially if you just newly graduated from OAU—to request for your transcripts immediately (far before you need them), as it is possible your department and the Exams and Records have not lost your results yet. Anytime farther from when you graduated, you just might have a lot of troubles getting your transcripts from OAU, or might even not get it at all while you keep waiting for years for something to happen for you.

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