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Friday 17 December 2021

TPS is not What we Shouted for to Be the Solution to OAU’s Transcripts War [TAGS: NAIRALAND, OAU, TRANSCRIPTS, TPS, ETX, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, IFE]

TPS is not What we Shouted for to Be the Solution to OAU’s Transcripts War

Flash back to 2019, 2020 and early 2021 when every noise on the internet about OAU’s transcripts processes was about how uncalled for it was that a company like ETX is left to handle OAU’s transcripts business; we wanted something to change by all means so that alumni of OAU can have the hope of getting their transcripts in few weeks instead of having to wait on the delivery of the transcripts for 5 months to never getting them. Also, we complained about how the transcripts process is said to be online but then anyone who requests for their transcripts online would still have to visit the campus to carry their own files and papers up and down the offices, or be there to “motivate” the ones who are actually employed and paid to do such things, or be there to monitor how their file moves within offices. This should never be so. If we say the order for something is online so as to aid its processes and delivery, and make sure the people who need this thing do not have to be on ground for it after paying for not needing to be on ground for it. It would be ridiculous to say I ordered for a pair of shoes on Jumia and I still have to go to the seller my order is coming from just to monitor the quality of my order and the speed of clearing the order. This is why ETX’s service with OAU’s transcript was ridiculous; you paid so you wouldn’t have to be on ground, then you ended up having to be on ground or must someone on ground to monitor your order for you. This is aside the fact that ETX was exploitative; you paid too much for any order made, you paid for what you would not get eventually, and they ended up making you unavoidably pay for a service that was listed “optional”. Hence, the revolution against ETX that led us to having TPS as the new transcripts platform in OAU. But after almost 6 months of intervention, what has TPS done different and better?

Judging from my four years experience with ETX and my near-six months experience with TPS, I can tell you categorically that TPS is the worst that makes you regret you fought against the bad; ETX was awful, but TPS is a misfortune! When we were yarning for OAU to handle her own transcripts business instead of handling it over to a private company, we never considered the fact that when OAU starts to handle such business, they people she would put on it would be the civil servants who don’t like to work or don’t have enough skill for the functions they are placed on; people who are negligent and people who must be “motivated” for them to be able to do what they are employed and paid for. And sincerely speaking, this is the case in OAU right now when it comes to transcripts. At the very least, ETX was pretending to be working, but TPS people don’t work and they don’t pretend to be working, neither do they want to hear what you have to complain about or an issue you are having (terrible seller-buyer communication). With ETX, if your order was still at some stages, you could still cancel your order and get a good sum of your money back, but with TPS, once you have paid you have paid, you cannot cancel the order if you change your mind about it or you don’t need the transcripts anymore where you ordered for it to be sent to. You cannot even edit your data in the case when you have an error in the data. You’d send them a mail expecting a response you are never getting. Nothing about this is good!

If you go to the Senate and observe the activities at the Transcripts Department, compare the sluggishness and negligence with the urgent needs for transcripts, you would know nothing is right at the department; the department should be as busy as banks every hour of the day!. Let me make this simpler, at the very least TPS would receive 50 transcripts order per day (I know this because I make the average of 10 transcripts orders for people per week, and I’m only one person), but the unfortunate thing is, the transcripts that get done, cleared for dispatched and gets out of the Senate per day cannot be up to 10 per day. This shows that for every 50 transcripts ordered, only 10 of it would be delivered, leaving us with the deficit of 40 every day. Just imagine that every other industries work this way; only 1/5 of their works are fulfilled by the end of the day; in school, this would mean they are scoring 20/100, this is a big F! TPS is a failure already! The whole of OAU’s Transcripts Department is a failure! When it comes to transcripts businesses, OAU is a failure! This is the truth. TPS is not giving us the solution we yarned for, it rather made the situation worse.

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