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Tuesday 15 March 2022


 How to be Part of How Student Visa is Making Emigration Easier for Nigerians 01

One of the greatest things to happen to the demography of educated Nigerians in the last two-three years is the sudden burst in the rate of “japa” via student visa; the average increase in the number of Nigerians who travelled abroad with a student visa between 2019 and 2020 compared to any prior years is crazy! This is not even as crazy as the average increase in the number of Nigerians who travelled abroad with student visa between 2020 and 2021, and 2021-2022 is trying to be mad crazy as well. This can only mean the opportunity to japa via student visa is becoming more feasible for more people per year. Now the question is, how does a new person get involved in this trend? How can they avoid being one of the too many people that would spend so much resources and yet not have their student visa? How can they be one of the few lucky ones who get their student visa softly, travel abroad softly, and announce their japa softly? Well, for a fact, I know money is a major factor in this; without funds, don’t even go into trying to travel abroad, that thing costs money. Secondly, I know connections can do a lot too; you can have all the money you need to accomplish the process, but if you are not connected to the appropriate resources, you might just end up stranded and disappointed. Last but not the least, I know that information (the on-time and correct information) is very important to your emigration processes; no accurate and on-time information, the chances of getting the good success is infinitesimally small. Let me not concern this write-up with your funds you have or do not have ready for the emigration processes, let me not concern it with the connections you have or no do have, let me concern it with the basic information you must have and understand before engaging in emigration processes via student visa; as this is what Pathfinders Edu. Consultancy (PEC) is best at and can be of service on.

Scholarship and admission processes are based on documents, I mean several documents; nothing about traveling would be possible if you do not have the documents needed and on time. For a person trying to travel via student visa and get this visa via admission and scholarship, this would mean you would need a lot of academic documents. Let’s address these documents one by one, how you can get them, what they would cost you, and how we can be of service:

1. Unofficial Transcript (Student Copy): While some schools and scholarship boards abroad just demand for your official transcript as early as you are applying for an opportunity with them, most of the schools and scholarship boards only require you to upload and send your unofficial transcript to them for them to process your admission or scholarship, but when you have been considered for such admission or scholarship and you are found qualified, they would ask you to request that your school sends your official transcript to them for them to validate your qualification and then finally offer you your admission letter with which you would process your student visa. In case you do not know the difference between an unofficial transcript and an official transcript; normally, the former is yours and addressed to you, while the latter is addressed to the institution you are using it at and it is sent to them directly from your school, and they must be the one to open it; it’s not official anymore if opened by another body. However, in some type of way, a transcript addressed to one institution or body as an official document could be used in another institution as an unofficial document, but this is abnormal and unusual. It is advisable you have your unofficial transcript ready with you before applying for admissions or scholarships, as most Nigerian schools might delay the delivery of your transcript to you if you have applied for the admissions or scholarship already and your advancement in the process depends solely on the availability of your unofficial transcript. Most Nigerian applicants are victims of this, and they put themselves under unnecessary deadline pressures and failure because of this; some of them transfer these pressures to agents like us working on documents processing as their schools cannot be pressurized. You are advised to have your unofficial transcript already before applying for admissions or scholarships at all, to avoid the pressures of deadline. How to get your unofficial transcript depends on your school; some schools in Nigeria make the request for this available electronically, some are still manual about it. But know this and know peace, no matter what school you are requesting your transcript from, you are most likely to need a third-party or an agent to run the on-ground errands for you on processing your transcripts. If you request for your transcript and leave your school to it, you just might not get it ever or at best get it only after several months. Mind you, we are here to help you on this, just reach out to us on +2348139534187 or so we can talk about you getting your unofficial transcript fast and without stress. 

2. Proof of Proficiency in English Language (PPEL): PPEL is another important academic document you would be needing in processing your abroad admissions or scholarships if you are aspiring for Europe or the Americas; it is very important because the schools in these continents would ask you to have passed some kind of international English test, but then, if you have taken any programme in English Language before and the qualification of that programme is what you are using to get an admission or a scholarship abroad, getting a PPEL from the school you got the qualification from could give you a waiver for an international English test. So to say, PPEL saves you from having to write IELTS, GRE or TOEFL. How PPEL is produced varies from school to school; some schools give this document for free, some collect funds ranging from #1,000 to #10,000 to produce this document for you. Remember, whether free or costing money, you would still be needing an agent or a third-party on ground to process this document for you so you wouldn’t have to be in your school to do the run around. PEC can be of help on this as well. Just reach out to us on +2348139534187 or so we can talk about you getting your PPEL without stress, and fast.

I still have some five academic documents more to talk about, but I wouldn’t want to overload this write-up to make it a hard one to read and understand, so read a little more of this here.

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How to be Part of How Student Visa is Making Emigration Easier for Nigerians 02

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