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Monday 18 July 2022

Alumni of Old Graduating Sessions and the First-Timer Transcript Problems they don’t Escape

Alumni of Old Graduating Sessions and the First-Timer Transcript Problems they don’t Escape

When it comes to record keeping, our Nigerian schools are awful—everyone knows this by now. As if this awfulness at keeping records is not enough, the awfulness at information and doing what’s to be done and on time join together with many other things about how these schools always cause their alumni troubles and pains. Now that the world is almost done moving from papers to soft, it is shameful to realize that our schools are still at least 90% paper-centric. The most shameful thing to know is how the schools dominating the higher institutions still unable to move their records keeping to digital are the biggest and oldest schools in Nigeria; one would think since these schools have the better resources it would have been more easier for them to have ported everything to digital by now, but the unfortunate is the case.

For schools like OAU and UI, it is understandable that the schools have documents as old as 60-70 years old on papers, and porting them to digital wouldn’t be that easy, but the question is: are they even trying to port these old documents from papers to softcopies at all? Because judging by the fact that even the documents that are only 2-3 years old are still very much carried around in paper forms, it indicates that none of these schools is really ready to avoid from happening to this generation about finding their documents what is currently happening to the previous generations. Relating this misfortune to how it makes it almost impossible for alumni of old ages have their transcripts for instance, and how the excuse is that their results are on papers and a lot of damages and losses have happened to many of these papers in the decades they have lied somewhere useless.

Old alumni of OAU and UI are the most suffering of all the communities of alumni in the world, as these schools can’t even account for so many of their results anymore, making it impossible or difficult for them to get their transcripts. Like I have stated, it doesn’t look like something tangible is in play to solve this problem for the old alumni, neither does it look like the so called “electronic processes” currently in play are seriously for making sure this generation doesn’t depend on paper too, and they don’t have paper damages and losses problems in a future near. We cannot keep doing things the same way and be expecting things to change or get better; these transcript problems Nigerians are experiencing don’t look like problems going away anytime near—unless we are radical about the digitalization of data.

For practical solutions to getting your transcript from OAU or UI, please click here to read a write-up that tells you what to do and how to go about it.

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