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Wednesday 18 August 2021

How Better is TPS Doing Than ETX in Handling OAU’s Transcripts Services? [OAU, TRANSCRIPTS, NAIRALAND, GOOGLE, WES, IQAS, VERIFICATION]

How Better is TPS Doing Than ETX in Handling OAU’s Transcripts Services?

It’s been a few weeks since TPS has been in charge of OAU’s transcripts services, and it’s been quite a thing to write about. We wrote about ETX to tell where they were lagging, we wrote about ETX to tell where they were acing it, and we shall continuing doing same with TPS too to always appreciate what they are doing to get better with delivering alumni transcripts and what they are doing badly. Reason for this is because there is a standard that transcripts delivery of a school as OAU should meet and in fact can meet, and not until this standard is achieved we cannot see any transcripts service as efficient. I mean, who says transcripts delivery cannot be possible within 24 hours if it is electronics, within 3 days if it is courier and within Nigeria, and within 3 weeks if it is courier and outside of the country? Who says we can’t have this level of efficiency in OAU? Of course we can, but the problem is how OAU is still very paper-centric even in this 21st century that everything is electronics.

The paper orientation OAU has is why most results of the alumni from ages when results were pasted on walls are still in just papers at the Exams and Records, and the results of the alumni of the ages of eportal that are on electronic database are never complete on the database because every new database they introduce keeps crashing almost every four years. I reiterate, that OAU is yet to transfer the old results that were on papers to electronics and that they are yet to have a dependable database to accommodate all the old results and the new results are two of the major reasons why people don’t get their transcripts when they need them, it is also why ETX couldn’t do their function well as a company previously in charge of the transcripts service for 5 or 6 years there. Although ETX had their own incompetence too, coupled with the negligence of the OAU staffs at the Transcripts Department that are put in charge of the files and all, but scattered and lost results are majorly why ETX couldn’t work. It is also why TPS started like they were about to make a change, but in just about 6 weeks, TPS is functioning like ETX too. We can’t expect anything to get better if we do things the same way. We can change from ETX to TPS or to USB or to TSD… whatever, if OAU remains how they’ve been, transcripts services would remain the same.

To not criticize TPS without talking about what they do better, I’d say their service for the first four weeks after they took over was awesome; in fact all the transcripts I applied for where delivered in lesser than two weeks. This was a thing we were all happy about until they became another ETX. Now we have people whose transcripts order has been hanging at “Payment Received” for several weeks (a typical ETX behaviour). Also, TPS stopped replying mails sent to them too or they would send a generic message to people (another ETX behaviour). We can only hope it doesn’t get worse.

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