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Wednesday 21 December 2022

OAU MBA Executive Graduates: Solution to the Huddles of Collecting their Certificates and Transcripts from the School [TAGS: OAU, MBA, PG, PGC, POSTGRADUATE COLLEGE, NAIRALAND, CERTIFICATE, TRANSCRIPT, COLLECTION, CLEARANCE]

OAU MBA Executive Graduates: Solution to the Huddles of Collecting their Certificates and Transcripts from the School

In OAU, executive programmes are at least 95% online, this means from the stage of applying for the programme to the stage of finishing the programme, the student might not need to go to the campus more than a couple of times. Besides most of the students in this demography are working class who wouldn’t have the time to leave work so they can be on OAU campus to do anything—which is why the online programmes were good for them in the first place. After finishing their programme, it is expected that this demography of people would have gotten even busier that they would not be able to come for their certificate and transcript, hence, the need for a third-party they can have on ground to do the needful for them. A lot of these people don’t even get to do their clearance after finishing their programme, and this is because up until the COVID-19 pandemic, the clearance just had to be done physically, the online version of it was just introduced in 2021 (which still doesn’t solve the problem for people who finished their programme before it was introduced).

It’s important to mention that if you finished your programme and didn’t do your clearance before leaving, OAU PG does a funny thing, they keep your NetQue page accumulating bills for you. This means if you come 5 years after you finished your programme, you are going to have to pay an accumulated bill; sometimes Access Cards accumulated to around 50, with each costing #1,500 or thereabouts. Imagine having to pay some #50,000 to #100,000 for accumulated Access Cards just because you want to do your clearance some years after you finished your programme. This is why a lot of people who did the OAU MBA Executive and a lot of PG students of other programmes just totally abandon the clearance unless they absolutely need it, this doesn’t make certificate and transcript collection any easier.

Where Pathfinders Edu Consultancy comes in is to help you do your clearance and collect your certificate and transcript from OAU with no stress from you. Based on our understanding that you are most probably busy and may not get to go to OAU campus to do these things, we make everything easy for you; we put all resources together and have your documents couriered to you easily. So no need to abandon your clearance and have NetQue continue accumulating bills for you, no need to abandon your certificate and your transcript with OAU—you would need them sooner or later. Give us a talk on +2348139534187 or

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