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Wednesday 26 April 2023

OAU and UI Undergraduate Transcript Processing: The Ways Out of the Unnecessary Delays [TAGS: NAIRALAND, OAU, UI, TRANSCRIPT, PROCESSING ]

OAU and UI Undergraduate Transcript Processing: The Ways Out of the Unnecessary Delays

Six years of processing documents in OAU and UI and a couple of other schools, it is expected of me to have had enough experience to be able to tell what the major problems with processing transcripts in these schools are that cause transcripts to not get delivered at all or get delivered so late that it would be useless where it’s needed. Also, I should know what one could possible do to avoid being a victim of this delay. A few people luckily have the better experience when they request for their transcript from either of OAU or UI, but the experience of these few people cannot be used to define the efficiency of the transcript production of these schools, as these few are like one in one hundred of the total number of people who request for their transcripts; so ignore these people when they try to say things to make you feel like it’s okay to request for your transcript and go to sleep. What I’m saying is that, one person could say they requested for their UI/OAU transcript online and did nothing more and their transcript got delivered in weeks or days, but know that for that one person with this good experience, there are at least 99 more people who requested for their UI/OAU transcripts online and never got it or got it when it’s too late.

We shouldn’t even try to compare the efficiency of OAU and UI when it comes to delivering transcripts, because—although OAU has tried to be better since the introduction of TPS—but the two schools definitely are still not able to keep up with the world of 2023 and take good advantage of the digital revolution as pertaining to transcript production and delivery. Only the means of collecting money for transcript request is digitalized, the process of transcript production itself is only about 5% digitalized, everything else is still very manual, as though it’s 1960’s; most results are still on papers, the transcript units still largely depend on getting results from the departments with a lot of bureaucracy involved, most transcripts are still typed one by one instead of downloading them from a reliable and secure database, most staff are still very reluctant about their duties, so there is no way transcript production would not be delayed unnecessarily. UI and OAU have the same problems as to why their transcript production is terrible, but I can say that UI’s undergraduate transcript processing is worst! So bad staff don’t even want to take up the responsibilities of assisting anyone on anything having to do with undergraduate transcript. Not only the staff, even runsmen and agents like us don’t want to take the jobs, because it would end up causing arguments and tarnishing images. But how do you avoid the delivery of your transcript being delayed? Stay with me.

For OAU and UI, forget about the online order for transcript and the impression it creates that you don’t have to do anything neither do you have to be on ground at the school, this impression is the faguziest fugazi. Whether OAU or UI, after placing the order for your transcript on their transcript portals, you are still going to need some legs, eyes and mouths on ground to do the real jobs for you lest you may wait and wait for your transcript to get delivered and never see any light or see a light only when the light would be useless. As earlier stated, only about 1 of 99 people have the better experience when it comes to transcript delivery in OAU and UI, and if you are requesting for your transcript and you are taking the chances of thinking you would be that 1 of 99, it must be you don’t really need the transcript. After applying for your transcript online, you need to deploy as much resources as possible to run after the production of your transcript, and this is my best way out to the unnecessary delay on your transcript production.

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