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Monday 17 February 2020


OAU, JAMB, CAPS Admission Statuses and Acceptance Fees: The Dysfunctions
Obviously, the relationship between OAU and JAMB on their shared functions of offering admissions and approving the admissions offered is not working well for OAU right now. OAU has always been the last school to offer admission to her aspirants and have them resume school, but things have already gone beyond slow this year because now after the schools’ offering of the provisional admissions, JAMB will still have to scrutinize the candidates’ qualifications for the provisional admissions offered to them to make sure they earn the admission either by merit or somehow else. But OAU was again and expectedly slow to offer the provisional admissions and upload them to JAMB portal when other schools in the country were doing theirs, now JAMB has been so busy with the 2020 UTME activities that they barely have the time to do anything on CAPS for the 2019 session. This is why so many of the statuses of OAU applicants are yet to change at all since the beginning of the year’s admission processes, even when the registration for the 2020 UTME is about to be closed.
As planned in the academic calendar released earlier on, OAU started the payment of Acceptance Fee last week, which led to a lot of complaints at the OAU admissions office by applicants who are due for admission but are yet to be congratulated on CAPS.  The school had to stop the payment of the Acceptance Fee again because it became obvious to them that even many of the candidates whose admission are with the Second Batch are yet to be approved for admission by JAMB—even when OAU had offered them the provisional admission. In fact the admitted names OAU uploaded on their e-portal the same week they started the payment of Acceptance Fee are only names on the First Batch of admission, which means the few names on the Second Batch that have been approved for admission by JAMB cannot see their names on OAU portal yet as admitted, and they can’t make any payment as admitted students. All these can only mean that OAU applicants will still have to be patient. I don’t know how OAU wants to fasten this processing of the rest of the Second Batch and the whole of the Third Batch in just this little time left, but I now it’s either they fasten the admission processes up really fast or they postpone the date they had initially fixed for resumption—the latter is however most likely to be the case, because there is no way the resumption would go on anyways while many qualified candidates are yet to be approved for admission.
Like I always say at this time of every OAU’s admission year, please if you are still waiting on OAU and JAMB to work on your admission, it is advisable you obtain another UTME form for yourself just to be on the safe side. Because it would be unfortunate if UTME registration closes and OAU ends up not offering you an admission. You should know OAU’s admission processing can’t be assured by 100% no matter what kind of processing you are using. Unless your CAPS already says “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS, PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER”, if anyone assures you 100% that you will be admitted, they are only bluffing! I mean, they may be so sure you will be admitted, but a genuine person would have at least a little doubt, and that little doubt should be enough to let you know that you should register for another UTME to be on the safer side. If you are eventually offered an admission, the money you spent on registering for another UTME wouldn’t kill you.

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