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Monday 14 September 2020

Approaching the Exams

Approaching the Exams

Talking of the higher institutions of learning, the exams, and the students; there are always two categories of students I know: students who go to meet the exams, and those who wait for the exams to come shock them. Actually, the difference between the two categories wouldn’t matter; but the results always tell the category every student belongs. Haven't spent more-than-several sessions in the higher institution of learning at different levels—one as crazy as OAU for instance—I have found reasons to understand what differentiates the two kinds of students mentioned above. But for those who are students of higher learning (OAU especially) and are yet to get what I'm trying to dish out here, then let’s make it a little clearer: we—actually—are trying to talk about how you wouldn't really know what you’re doing wrong in any semester to make your results for that semester look bad until the semester is gone; and that—my OAU reader—is the OAU culture. However, any student of any other higher institution in Nigeria should already get what I’m talking about too. But if you fall in this group and you haven't, then let us continue in the discussion so you catch up with us along the line. Writing this, I mean to remind you (the OAU students especially) of the moments you resume in the new semester and then the results are released, and then you start to realize those things you did last semester that you shouldn’t have done, and those you should have but didn’t do, and those you did but didn’t do as they were to be done. I believe you can relate now.

Going back to the thought of the two kinds of students we have in the higher institutions of learning and how they go to beat the exams or how the exams come to beat them; it would be agreeable that students who go to the exams are the ones who are always heart-and-soul prepared to get to it already and ace it like it's as easy as drinking akamu with moin-moin: while the students who wait for the exams to come are always the procrastinating ones—the ones who don’t like the thought of the exams approaching, the ones who are always caught unaware, the ones who strive so hard to keep the grades up, only to land on C’s and D’s at the end of it all.

What's the point of telling you all these you already know; you may want to ask; and I’d be glad to bring it to your awareness that it will only seem as if you know the kind of student you are—the one who approaches the exams or the one who just prefer to wait for the exams to come, but seriously, you can barely know the kind of student you are in a semester until the results of that semester are seen. However, it can’t be that it's totally impossible to have at least some hints about the kind of student you are—there are always cheats on knowing what seems unknowable, and these are some pointers specially gathered based on the OAU exam culture for the concerned students to use as the simple yardsticks for determining which category of students they belong—goer or waiter. Let’s do just three-or-so of them here:

(1). The OAU exams begin in just few days from now; so, if you—as an OAU student—are still watching the series movies as heavy as your notes are right now, and as much piled-up-for you-to-cram-or-understand materials you have with you right now, then you obviously belong in the category of the waiting students. Red-flag this!

(2). With the exams fast-approaching you right now like rockets approach the moon, if you’re just getting in the mood of studying hard right now—because the exams are just few days away and you are just getting the motivation to study; you definitely are a waiting student. Red-flag this too.

(3). If many of your assignments you were given this semester were done just few minutes or even hours to when they were to be submitted; you already know the category of students you belong. So, red-flag this already. So, to sum up the pointers listed, it has to be mentioned that if—as an OAU student with the exams running so fast towards you right now—you, everything about you, and everything you do still seem just as normal as they have always been; then I’m afraid for your grades when they begin to surface early next semester—no jokes here. Because by now, everyone and everything else around you—other than your books and materials—should already be missing your attention so much. The so-much of your attention right now should be given to nothing else but everything that’ll help you get the best of grades you should get in the exams. For the series-movie-addicted students, you should be so much into your books and materials right now that even you yourself forget you’ve not seen any movie recently. This is little but we are trusting you’ll be able to make something big out of it; like, what are you a student of any higher institution of learning for if you cannot make this little message pass a bigger message to you? All in all, we wish you all the best in the forthcoming exams. Go humor your examiners!

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