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Monday 7 September 2020


Knowing Your OAU Admission Fate after Knowing Your OAU Post-UTME Result 

By now, every true aspirant of OAU must have seen their post-UTME result. If there is any student who haven’t, then something is certainly wrong somewhere. But it must be said that yearly to abuse the norm, we have cases when everyone will see their results and some candidates won’t have a result, probably because of electrical, technical, personnel or personal errors. If you are presently finding yourself in this kind of situation, don’t panic yet, everything has solution; na human beings dey behind the systems handling everything, just seek for help immediately and do whatever you are instructed to do, it will all work out fine in the end. But for those who have been able to see their results, I want to slice out some serious information right now, just so you know this early where you are standing instead of waiting for OAU’s cutoff or admission list for several months and in the end you are not offered admission—even when you have “Eligible for Admission” on your result slip.

Now let me quickly make this clear, if you have “Not Eligible for Admission” written on your result slip, please be smart enough to start considering other options, because unless there are some unbelievable interventions, OAU is out of your hands already! Let me tell this part that most aspirants don’t like to hear too, you see, just because you have “Eligible for Admission” written on your result slip does not even mean at all that you are gaining admission, and this contributes largely to why many candidates end up wasting their good scores as many of them just sit and relax when they see “Eligible for Admission” on their result slip thinking their admission is sealed, but the truth here is that that “Eligible for Admission” thing is in fact the reason why so many students end up not gaining admission in the end, and this is because there are about 6 to 7 things that really determine who is qualified to be admitted to OAU. I will take my time to highlight and explain them all.

First of them all is that the applicant must have chosen OAU as the first choice of institution. This should not be a thing I have to mention here, but when we keep having people choosing OAU as second or third choice of institution every year, it will only mean some people are actually yet to get it that OAU will not even give you the chance to register for their post-UTME if you have not chosen them as the first choice of institution.

Second of all, any OAU aspirant must score above 200 in the UTME to even be able to register for the post-UTME at all. Again, I have to talk about this here because yearly, we get candidates who score below 200 coming to us that they want to register for the post-UTME, which also means there are always people out there who still need to be told that they can’t register for OAU post-UTME lest they have scored 200 at least in the UTME.

Thirdly (which is where it starts becoming complicated), after analyzing the O/Level results of the candidates in the five relevant subjects and basing the grade points over 50, the candidate must have at least half of the points which is 25 here. Not having this minimum grade point of 25 in the analysis of the O/Level results will deny a candidate of their admission, even when they have “Eligible for Admission” written on the slip. I bet many OAU aspirants don’t know this, that’s why many of them rant about OAU not offering them the admission they think they are qualified for.

Fourthly, whatever the candidate scores over the 50 grade points as explained above will be divided by 5, the result of that division will be added to the candidate’s post-UTME score, from which they must score the minimum of 25. Also, many candidates don’t know this, and you have no idea how much this leaves so many candidates with “Eligible for Admission” confused when they in the end aren’t offered admission.

Fifthly, in the post-UTME result, of which the overall attainable score is 40, 10 marks for each of the 4 subjects the candidate wrote in the post-UTME (which must also be the subjects they wrote in the UTME except for the Use-of-English which will be replaced with Aptitude Test), the candidate must score at least 20 of the overall attainable score.

Don’t forget that—as said above—we are adding whatever the candidate scores over 40 with the grade point they got in the analysis of the 5 relevant O/Level results divided by 5, and they must score 25 at least.

Sixthly, this is not only a requirement but also an understanding-requiring issue, and it’s the explanation of what happens when a candidate has “Eligible for Admission” on their result slip and yet they are not offered admission. Now, let me be blunt about this, as an OAU aspirant, you can smile when you check your post-UTME result and you find “Eligible for Admission” there, but don’t let your smile get too wide yet. This is because “Eligible for Admission” only means that OAU has successfully classified everyone who wrote the post-UTME into two; one of the two classes don’t deserve to be considered for admission at all and some of the other class can be considered (if they have what they should have and do what they should do and in time). I’m saying, after seeing “Eligible for Admission” on your result slip, you still have one more level to win before standing the full chance to be offered admission, I’m talking about the departmental cutoffs here. Because you are considered “Eligible for Admission” does not mean you have gotten the cutoff mark for your aspired department and that is what we are all waiting for right now—the cutoff—to help us know who is really getting the admission to the department they applied to and who is not (please click here to see the list of the departmental cutoffs used for admission last year).

Now, I have to warn you, if you have “Eligible for Admission” on your result slip and you do not meet the cutoff of your department, please don’t make the mistake of thinking OAU is automatically considering you for another department that matches your cutoff; hell no! OAU doesn’t do that. OAU does not automatically consider you for admission to a department you have not applied to. Now pay attention to how I’ve been putting the word automatically in my statements. That’s me saying though OAU does not by default starts considering you for admission to another department of lesser cutoff just because you are eligible for admission but you do not meet the cutoff of your department, however, if you do your running around and processing when you should do them, that is when you are considered for another department, and that’s the real idea behind the “Eligible for Admission”, it just makes it mean if you tried and did what you have to do, you could be admitted anyways (to another department or even yours), even when you do not meet the cutoff of your department.

This is the last stage I’m about to discuss; the stage where your admission is given actually, this is the stage when after you have been offered admission and you have accepted it, you still get screened to confirm that by credentials, you indeed are qualified to have the admission you’ve been offered. When you are found qualified is when you are finally filed and given the admission to the university in the name of the Vice-Chancellor of the university. This is the stage where the department you’ve been offered admission to screens your certificates to ascertain that you are indeed qualified for the admission. The certificates they will be screening range from your birth certificate, O/Level certificate to your UTME original result. The birth certificate (or any other relevant legal document of declaration of age) is needed to ascertain that you are 16 or above at the point of been given the admission; age lesser than 16 will make you forfeit the admission offered. The birth certificate is also needed to confirm the similarity of the age on the rest of the certificates required of you. This goes a long way in defining your graduation age. This graduation age is the age that determines whether you will be mobilized for NYSC or not. Your O/Level and UTME certificates will be screened too to ascertain that you indeed meet the subject requirements and combinations for the department you have been offered admission to, and to affirm that the certificates belong to you. Not meeting any of these requirements will make you forfeit the admission.

With everything listed here so far done meticulously, your admission is almost certain. But hey, if you have not understood any thing of all I have highlighted and explained, please don’t leave that sixth explanation without understanding it. So, please go back to that sixth explanation and be sure you get every message I’m trying to pass with it. I wish you all the best in your admission processing.

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