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Monday 31 August 2020

Reading and Studying

Reading and Studying

As  students,  the  first  thing  that  comes  to  mind  as  the  birther  of  excellence  is  reading. But unfortunately, reading is but just a very tiny part of what it requires to get academic excellence.  In  fact,  reading  is  the  tiniest-tiniest  aspect  of  the  drive  towards  academic excellence. I hope you noticed I've not used the term “study” all the while? Yes, I've not; and it’s because I really want to clear the myth that reading is the primary requirement to excel in the academics.

I  tell  you  verily,  reading  is  only  an  eye  opener;  it  doesn’t  and  cannot  do  more  than opening your eyes, and when we say reading only opens the eyes, I say that to mean reading gets you informed, and  that’s all.  However,  when you are more  than informed, when  your mind  is  worked  and  stirred,  and  you  yourself  are  tasked  and  charged  to  want  to  know more, that is when we can say studying has taken over from mere reading.

Only studying charges the mind, reading cannot; reading cannot get beyond opening the eyes,  but  it  is  studying  that  opens  the  mind  and  does  more  to  it  than  reading  can  do.  In fact,  you  can  read  a  thing  this  minute  and  forget  about  it  the  same  minute  you  read  it; that's  how  much  reading  is  never  that  connected  with  the  mind.  I’ve not written this to cause any misconception of the terms "reading" and "studying", but rather to stir your mind to  knowing  the  difference  between  the  two;  as  well  as  knowing  what  you  are  doing  really when you’ve gotten your eyes on some letters, words or images. As a student of higher learning—for instance, so much more is expected of you than just having your eyes opened; the mind has to open too, to follow the eyes opening. And that—in fact—is when we can be referred to as educated; and that’s very far beyond being literate.  Getting  academic  excellence  apart  now,  being  a  student  is  not  complete  lest  there  is studying.  Do we even need to go over that?  Like, is it not very  obvious  already,  that studying is what you do when you are a student—that’s your occupation!

The  bottom-line  is:  when  you  aim  to  excel,  there  has  to  be  preparation,  and  your preparation has to be studying via all means, and not just reading. Reading is too not-that-connected-with-the-mind to help you excel.

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