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Thursday 13 August 2020


Why Has OAU Not Verified Your Evaluated Transcripts?

If it is true that employers do send request for verification of certificates or/and results to schools to confirm that the documents are genuine before they give employment or before they staff an employed person, then I'm wondering how many people would have lost so many opportunities just because OAU is their school and the school refuses to attend to their verification for months, years, or even never attend to it. I say this because I’ve seen how alumni of OAU whose transcripts have been evaluated, and the evaluation body has sent a request to OAU to verify the evaluation, but OAU refuses to respond to the request because the concerned alumnus or institution has not done something the school requires of them—the requirement that would not be communicated to them.

What amuses me about this is how the verification process is supposed to be the simplest thing to do, as it’s just a matter of sending a mail or stamping some papers, and how the school and her staffs are making it look like it’s the most impossible thing to do. I have the thought that this is happening because of two things: OAU is very backward when it comes to communicating with her students and alumni, and the staffs are mostly people who are not orientated on the importance of every document and the need to attend to any one document that needs to be attended to as at when it needs to be attended to. In fact apart from the analogue style of administration and secretariat that OAU is stuck with, the two factors mentioned up there are two more problems delaying everything that has to do with documents processing in OAU—any document at all.

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