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Thursday 6 August 2020


What Really Happened to Your OAU Documents You Paid for on ETX

The past two years have been the greatest years of Nigerians requesting for their documents from their higher education institutions for emigration purposes. I know this because most of the educational jobs myself and my teammates at PEC have done in the last two years have been mostly on processing transcripts, stamped certificates to be sent to an evaluation body abroad, Proof of Proficiency in English and verification letter that are needed abroad—in Canada especially, and to WES most especially. So we know how seriously people are needing their documents, and how their schools are giving them problems, and how the problems become even more serious when the school is OAU. Believe me, we know all these; it’s our hustle we’ve been doing since 2010 and we can compare how it was from 2010 to 2017 to how it has been from 2018 to 2020.

Covid-19 was in fact only able to reduce how people urge for their documents from their schools only for about two or three months: February, March and April, and everyone has been slowly coming back to needing their documents for emigration purposes again--especially the people in the health works who the pandemic has been making countries easing entrance for them. But sadly, it’s still going to be the same stories and the same problems they encountered with OAU and ETX on their documents before the pandemic that they would still encounter now, even now that the pandemic has made a lot of organizations find digital ways to deliver their services and even better.

As an alumnus of OAU, when you request for your transcripts via ETX, and months and forever after you have paid for such service, your transcripts are not delivered to where you need them, ETX does not get back to you on what’s happening, and you are just left to forget about the request because you don’t even have the time to come down to OAU for such thing. But hello, instead of forgetting about it, the questions you should want to find answers to is: what really happened to your documents? Why were they not delivered to where you needed them? Why is it taking too long if they are going to be delivered? Why is ETX not communicating with you about it? Should getting your transcripts from your school be that difficult since the transcripts are only the furnished, vetted and addressed version of all your results while at the school and the school is supposed to always have your results no matter what? Answer to these questions will be provided now.

If you have requested for your OAU transcripts on ETX for over two months now and it’s yet to be delivered, just know it’s most likely to not be delivered ever! By the way, if you don’t know what ETX is and why you have to request for your transcripts through them, here is an insight: OAU stopped dealing transcripts with the individual alumnus around 2017, a startup company called ETX took the deal to be the middle agent between the school and their alumni, and since then, any transcripts collected without the involvement of ETX is most definitely not a legit document and might encounter some problems where you need them. The core functions of ETX here are: to take your transcripts requests/orders and money, take your application to the school’s Exams and Records; from here ETX is going to be out of the process till your transcripts are ready to be sent. It’s now left to the Exams and Records to find your files, get your results, furnish them to transcripts, address them, get them stamped and singed by the right authorities and deliver it back to ETX. Here is where ETX resumes back to the process, and it’s only to send the documents to the receiver’s address you have provided when you made your order, either by courier or by email.

Basically, that’s what transcripts processing in OAU should entail, and if the people involved in these processes know what they are doing, all these should not take more than one to two weeks. But almost always, along all these stages mentioned in processing a transcript, things go wrong or get complicated and everything just stops, and—because ETX are the people you paid to and also because they don’t really communicate with their clients on what’s really happening or tell the clients the truth when they eventually communicate—everyone just tends to blame ETX for the problems their transcripts processing is having, not knowing that the processing of a transcript is not even ETX’s job at all, they are just there to take your orders, report it to Exams and Records, and get your orders delivered to where you need them when Exams and Records is done making them available for delivery, and I promise you, ETX do their own part of these processes well. At least I can score them 55/100.

I will also say this emphatically, you can blame ETX for overcharging you for transcripts, you can blame them for not keeping you posted on the process of your transcripts, but you should never blame them for whatever happens to your transcripts processing, the failure of the process is always only about 2% their fault and about 40% the fault of Exams and Records and about 50% the fault of your department and about 8% the fault of the school’s ICT center. Let me fill you in. ETX report all of their transcripts order to Exams and Records and most of the reported orders don’t return to them in transcripts at all as they are supposed to. A lot of the orders die at the Exams and Records—because they can’t find your results on their platform where the senate approved results of the alumni are (the database is always crashing and they are always introducing a new one that would be almost empty). Many of the orders dies at the Exams and Records because when they can’t find your results on the database, they just leave your application in a file on their table to not be touched again.

If your application will ever be touched again and worked on, it would mean Exams and Records will have to write to your department to provide your results that would be signed by your HOD, but when the Exams and Records deliver the letters to your department, most of the departments don’t even touch these letters, and some that would touch it would work on it and stop the work on it should they encounter any problem at all (and they encounter problems most times; how can you not encounter problems in OAU?). Most of the departments will have to leave the Exams and Records waiting for your results till everyone just forgets about it.

In cases when your department touch the letter requesting for your results, work on it, and encounter a problem, they will have to write to the Computer Center too (authorized by the HOD) to provide your results from any of their old database that’s not working as a platform anymore for them (the department) to sign and take to Exams and Records. This is when a lot of transcripts processing die, because HOD will not have time to authorize such letter, and if the HOD does, the computer center will not have time to attend to it. So if you have requested for your transcripts for a while now and you are not hearing anything from ETX, your transcripts processing is either dead now or about to die, and you will need some connected people to help you pull lots of strings at most of the offices mentioned above (which by the way always involve legal payments and some illegal payments too for these strings to pull at all). These connected people must have time for this process and be really committed to it and meticulous about it (it has to be their hustle probably), and these people have to be really dependable and trustable. Now is when you know I'm trying to describe the team members of PEC to you; this is what we do… we solve problems. So contact us if you are currently experiencing issues with your transcripts processing.

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