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Sunday 2 August 2020

The Nearing Resumption of Higher Education Institutions

The Nearing Resumption of Higher Education Institutions

The letter from the Executives of the National Universities Commission to the Vice-Chancellors (VC’s) of the Nigerian universities talking about the preparation for the resumption of academic activities got on the internet over the weekend and it delighted everyone. Though it’s mixed up with a lot of risks, but this is really a good news. The students and the lot of us working in the education industry have been off our occupations since March 2020 and that’s really a very long time for the students to not be engaged in academic activities and for people working in academics to be off active education businesses too. So this just has to be a good news that we all can only be happy about—at least for now; we will be the dealing with the demerits later on, but but we really want to enjoy the merits for now and jubilate over them.

So as the industry of education and everyone else of us are planning to resume academic activities soon, the PEC team is wishing us well in our preparation for work—especially the applicants currently trying to seek admission to the Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) for the 2020/2021 academic session, we want to let you know that we miss being your best source of information and we are eager to get back to providing you with the fastest, best and genuine information on your admission processes at all levels of higher education including the Diploma and Pre-degree programmes, JAMB’s UTME and DE, School of Nursing programmes, Postgraduate admissions and admission for professional programmes, and to also help in facilitating your processing of your admission to these programmes. We look forward to starting work, and this time we are coming even better than we used to be, as we have spent our times off work on planning on new things to add to our services as soon as work starts, and also better ways to deliver our services to you. It can still be a great academic session, and we are ready to be part of that greatness. Please permit us to wish you a Happy Preparation for Resumption.

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