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Monday 21 September 2020

Three Important Things You Have to Know if You are Seeking Admission to OAU for the 2020/2021 Academic Session 1 (TAGS: oau, nairaland, postutme, postjamb, google, post ume, cutoff, cut off mark, admission, obafemi awolowo university, ife, campus, admission news, oau aspirant, oau website,


Three Important Things You Have to Know if You are Seeking Admission to OAU for the 2020/2021 Academic Session 1

Being a serious admission seeker or a concerned parent of an admission seeker, you just want to make sure you know what you ought to know and on time, and believe me, this is a very good thing; it’s one of the things that separate the majority of the applicants who will not get admitted in the end from applicants who will get admitted. So if you are an admission seeker or a parent of one, and you are really restless about it and really hungry for prompt and genuine information, just know that you are doing something right already. However, if the admission you are or your ward is seeking for is to OAU (which sets in some peculiar situations and factors) and also, it’s for the 2020/2021 academic session (which also sets in even more situations and factors based on the effects of the pandemic on academic activities), here are three more things you just need to know and work on if you want to be successful with the admission:

1). The Danger of Big UTME Score

Scoring high in the UTME is a very good thing; there is this feeling you get when you or your ward already have a score that looks more than enough for the course they chose, but the danger comes in when this feeling brings in what I call the Too-Early-Celebration factor (TEC factor), and most of the times, this happen to people who score high in the UTME. The TEC factor is when your confidence in your score or your ward’s score assures you too much of an admission for your ward and you just relax about everything and wait for the good news about the admission to come to you. This blocks you from realizing that a perfect UTME score alone is not what it requires to gain any admission at all, and when it comes to OAU, what it requires gets even more, and when it’s a session that’s coming after a lot the pandemic has caused to the education industry, you just have to be on your toes even than ever.

This TEC factor is why most people who score 250 upwards end up not getting any admission at all; they feel okay with their score that they don’t know if they need to change courses, or if they need to work even harder to have a better Post-UTME score, or if they need to start looking for help even before writing the Post-UTME, or if there are inside information peculiar to their choices of course which are never announced by the school or department but they really need to know them and do them for them to earn the admission. Whereas people with the 200 to 230-or-so UTME scores already know there is problem, and they have to do some things so this problem wouldn’t sabotage their chances of been admitted. This is why most admitted students are always between the 200 and 240 UTME scores; they have no confidence in that UTME score so they can’t relax and wait for admission to come knocking at their doors, they run after it!

If you have scored high in the UTME, avoid the TEC factor by all means. In fact, new things will come up this time because of the effects of the pandemic, familiarize yourself with the school and your aspired department to be on the wave, and not under it, and prepare even harder to score even higher in the post-UTME; trust me, when everything is added together, no score is too high. Watch out for the part two of this write-up.

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