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Friday 6 January 2023

The Kind of Recommendation or Reference Letter you May Need from your School

The Kind of Recommendation or Reference Letter you May Need from your School

Almost everyone trying to emigrate to the European countries and the Americas via admission often gets to need some sort of referencing or recommendation from their school; this is usually some sort of letter from some lecturers in your department or other departments. It may be one, two or three of them, but the idea is that these recommenders should be able to tell one or two things about your academic endeavours and your personal interests and attitudes, but unfortunately, this is where most people get it wrong, they just want anyone to do this for them.

I am aware how difficult it is to get those lecturers to reference you, as most of them just wait for when you need things like this for them to be vicious and stress you out or totally ignore you. But despite all these, when you eventually find someone to do this recommendation for you, you need to guide them on what exactly you need from them; don’t get recommended and the recommendation is irritating because it was lazily done. If possible, find a specimen of good recommendation letter and have your person use that as guideline defining what you want from them. I have seen a couple of recommendation letters and I knew within me I wouldn’t rate high such recommendation because they show obviously the recommenders don’t really know the person they are recommending.

I need to explain to those who may not know that recommendation letters come in different forms, some are papers (popular before the COVID-19 lockdown), some are electronics (became more popular during the COVID-19 lockdown). So if your aspired school is asking you for a recommendation letter, it’s most likely to be electronic they are requesting for; this would mean that you would insert your recommenders’ details in your application form and your aspired school would send a request to them after you have submitted the form. The recommender would respond to the request and that’s it. This happens to be easier than the paper one. If we are helping you get the letter this makes things easy for us; lecturers are not reluctant to do this, but they are usually reluctant to do a paper recommendation letter. So while applying, if you have the option to choose between electronic and paper recommendation, please choose the electronic one.

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