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Thursday 19 January 2023

Consequences of Non-genuine Recommendation Letter

 Consequences of Non-genuine Recommendation Letter

Maybe it is their travel agents ill-advising them or they do this on their own terms, but seeing that some travel aspirants go ahead forging some academic documents makes me feel like they think the people requesting for such document don’t think some people may want to play smart with them and they have laid down systems to help them figure out those people trying to play smart. Because if not so, how would somebody send a forged recommendation letter to a school abroad without thinking the school would find out somehow?

A school considering you for a graduate admission asks you to provide a referee from your first degree school, you went ahead putting just any staff from your school or from another school, your application is most definitely getting rejected! Why can’t you find a lecturer who taught you before? Most preferably your project supervisor or another lecturer from your department. If you can’t get any of these or in the case when you need multiple referees and you have already gotten some from your department, then you can  use someone from outside of your department who you can create the impression they have tutored you before or you have worked with them academically.

The funniest set of travel aspirants are the ones who collect reference letter from a lecturer and go ahead editing it for multiple use without the consent of the lecturer whose name and contacts are on the letter, like how could you not know the school you are sending the letter to would still contact the lecturer to ask for verification? I understand the process of getting a lecturer to recommend you is a very frustrating one as our Nigerian lecturers tend to act like gods when they are needed for these things, but it’s better for you to give it all you could and get the genuine recommendation that you need than getting a weak or fake one that would end up running all the efforts you have made on your international admission.

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