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Wednesday 4 January 2023

Old Graduates of OAU and UI Collecting their Certificates and Transcripts: The Rigour and Ways Out

Old Graduates of OAU and UI Collecting their Certificates and Transcripts: The Rigour and Ways Out

It would be wrong for any old alumnus of OAU and UI (or any other Nigerian school for that matter) to think that they would appear some decades after graduating to request for their transcript or/and certificate from their school and it would be easily provided to them like it’s not been decades since their documents have been passive; even alumni who graduated only about five years ago are having the problems of lost file, missing results, incomplete results and so on, not to talk of people who graduated in the 60’s, 70’s. 80’s, 90’s and even the early 2000’s. Even if nothing has happened to documents from these years, no staff wants to be the one to start looking for these documents here and there. Hence, when you apply for your document online as an alumnus from the old years, don’t expect that your application would not be abandoned. If you are an alumnus from the old years and you have applied for your document online for a while now and you are yet to receive it or see any progress on it, just know that it’s most probably abandoned.

The reason for abandonment of application to process documents of alumni from the old years can range from the fear that they would not be able to produce the document or the reality that they are not able to produce the document because something they need to be able to do so is missing. The schools are to be blamed for his bad recording and retrieval system, but then, if we asked you to provide your secondary documents you have with you which would be needed to make producing your primary documents easier, you most probably don’t have them anymore; you most probably can’t remember your matric number, you most probably don’t have your ID card anymore, you most probably don’t have any document approving your leave of absence or transfer to another department, you most probably didn’t do your clearance after graduating. So we can’t blame the schools alone, you waited for too long to need your documents from your school.

If you have been on the internet looking for answers to why your school is yet to deliver your document or may not be able to deliver it lest something is done, this is your answer. Now, what do you have to do to be able to get your document from your school if your year of graduation is up to a decade ago? I have published a write-up that is able to address cases just like yours and how you can solve the issues your document collection from your school is having or may have, read it here, follow the advice and be patient with the process. All the best.

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