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Tuesday 2 February 2021

The OAU’s Online Classes: How it Could Affect Students’ Grades

The OAU’s Online Classes: How it Could Affect Students’ Grades

Having to not have well-organized and well-delivered lectures is not a new thing to OAU students—I must firstly state this, as OAU lecturers are mostly known for not really knowing how to lecture, but they are experts at setting exam questions, and also evilly at marking the answers. But this bad sides of the lecturers—instead of telling badly on the performances of the students—has in fact ended up being what makes them even the best students around, as the students have mostly cultivated the culture of never expecting a full body from the lecturers but bones, and having to flesh up the bones given to them and adding other things needed to the body to make it come to life, and they have passed this culture on, from generation to generation. It is even safe to say OAU students are their own lecturers; they only go to classes to meet with the pseudo-lecturers who they have to get what to study on from. So, even if there would be no lectures at all, all that most OAU students need to pass their exams is to be given what to study on and the materials to study, most of them would still pass any exam on such area of concentration given. But now that the school is taking lectures online too, and unfortunately the school and most of her lecturers are digitally backwards people, and also, most of the students have never experienced any kind of online education before, would this pose any problem? Would it tell on the grades of the students? Well, yes and yes.

I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I know very well that most of the school’s lecturers cannot impart the students online. No, it’s not because the students would not be organized; OAU students respect and fear their lecturers, so they would always be organized—online or offline, but the fact that the person meant to be in charge of the class and also help to in making learning happen does not even really know how to do that in physical classes, to talk less of the virtual classes. This would make so many lectures have no impact by the end of them. Again, that the online classes (as I’ve heard) would be over a chat, and not through video meetings, is scary. This would affect especially the freshmen who have never written an undergraduate exam or test in OAU before and still like to think OAU’s undergraduate exams are like the Post-UTME; this is going to cause a great mental shock when they realize it’s not like that at all. More so, the lecturers would surely still not go easy with the cunningness in setting questions, and their evilness in marking the answers.

The effects this would have on the freshmen would not even be up to the ones it would have on the 200 Level students who would be writing their first real OAU exams at this level. Everyone knows the second year in OAU is when you begin to write a lot of essay exams, and for the 200 Level students who have not written any essay exam since after their SSCE; this is never easy on any 2nd year student—even when the lectures were physical. Now that the lectures are going to be over chats (allegedly), it’s surely going to affect their understanding of expressive exams in OAU. However, all these could just turnaround and actually get to work for the good of all of the students, and even get them the best of grades. But sincerely, I doubt this, and if I were you, I would work twice harder than I would if the lectures were physical.

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