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Monday 8 February 2021

Marathon Coaching for OAU Health Sciences Aspirants (TAGS: NAIRALAND, OAU, ASPIRANTS, UME, UTME, GOOGLE, IFE)

Marathon Coaching for OAU Health Sciences Aspirants

Pathfinders Edu. Consultancy has come in collaboration with A-Class Tutors (the best tutorial team on OAU campus) again, to organize yet another marathon coaching for OAU JAMBITES aspiring for courses in the College of Health Sciences, OAU. It was a great success last session, and over 86% of the candidates who attended the classes scored above 35 (over 40) in their Post-UTME. 54% out of the said 86% scored either 38 or 37 (over 40) in their Post-UTME, and that was the first time we organized such coaching. This session, we are applying even more factors that would help us increase the figures of our successes.

The marathon coaching will run from 9am-5pm every day for 10 days starting from 15th of February to 25th of February, 2021 (except 20th of February which falls on a Sunday). Students would be allowed two breaks in between the three sessions we will be having every of the days. Coffee and snacks would be served by the management of the coaching during one of the breaks every day. Students are expected to pay #5,000 for the 10 classes, or pay #600 every day for the number of days they want to attend the coaching.

Because we must observe social distancing at the gathering, we will only be able to admit 100 students this time, as the venue we could get is a 200-sitter class, and only half of its original capacity can be filled with people. Also, we require every student to wear their mask every day to class. We have no access to the hostels at this time (due to COVID-19), so we are sorry we cannot provide accommodation for students who will be coming from outside of Ife to join the coaching. If you have somebody you can stay with in Ife for this period of time, you can still join us for the coaching. With this programme, you can only pass the Post-UTME excellently. Call 08139534187 to book your space.

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