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Sunday 28 February 2021


Bad Transcripts Services and Delayed Postgraduate Programmes in OAU: What Can the Law Do

Sometime in 2017 or 2018, a colleague running her postgraduate programme at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) told me a story about how the PG students of the school dragged the school to court over delaying their programme beyond the duration stated for the programme by the school, just because the PG school was going through a thing or two in the management. According to her story, the court favoured the students and made the school pay them millions of Naira. She concluded that that was the end of delayed programmes at the UNILORIN PG school, and at the whole school entirely. That’s just the coolest story I ever heard, and I'm here right now remembering the story and thinking of how OAU students and alumni could do something like this too to tackle OAU for making getting their transcripts a journey through hell (if they would get it at all), and for making the PG students have to go through unnecessary bureaucratic things that would make them have to spend time doing their PG programme beyond how long it’s stated for them to finish their programme. OAU needs to be tackled!

I don’t know if the PG students and the alumni body would win the case if they charged OAU to court for bad transcripts services and for delayed PG programme, but I know they do have a case to present to the law if they want to. Even if after the court they lose, a message would still be passed to OAU that they are not unpunishable for all the bad things they do and let happen about the transcripts and the PG programmes. But the problem is, the PG students—because they mostly are mature people busy with life and the awful Nigerian economy, they just have to ignore problems like the ones OAU gives them, because who wants to waste their time and other resources fighting for what would only benefit them once or never, while others in the future would be the ones to really enjoy the benefit? Also, the alumni body, there is a lot of things wrong with it that would make it not want to tackle the wrong doings of OAU about transcripts; the body is politicized, classified (by economic successes), and the ones active in it are either friends of the school management or puppets of it. So a lawsuit from either of the PG students and the alumni body of OAU is what we should not be expecting at all; even though it could be the solution to the problems.

The individual alumnus too, even if they cannot individually sue OAU, at least they should stand on solidarity enough that a good portion of them would do something to cause a ripple in the issue of OAU’s bad transcripts service. But then, after any of them had gone through the hell of getting their transcripts and came out, they forget about it and move on. So there can't be a solid force formed to raise the issue of bad transcripts service in OAU and make it popular enough to attract the big attentions it needs. So right now, unless OAU gradually develops into having a better way of making things better for the alumni on getting their transcripts, and for the PG students on finishing their programme right on time, there seem to be no hope for a better change. I can only send love and light to every OAU alumnus and every OAU PG students going through the hell of getting their transcripts and the hell of eventually finishing their programme in OAU; I hope you win somehow.

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