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Monday 7 October 2019


OAU Set to Release the First Batch
It’s no news anymore that OAU has released to JAMB the first batch of the names of people who have been offered admission by the institution, remaining for JAMB to upload it on their portal. At least everyone on the list can now see a certain change on their CAPS on JAMB’s website (i.e. change from NOT ADMITTED YET to PROCESSING ADMISSION). But before I continue on expatiating the admission news, let me take advantage of this topic to explain once again that—contrary to what almost everyone thinks—it is not JAMB that offers admission but the school you have applied to, and CAPS is only a platform JAMB uses to monitor  the admission processes of every school to make sure no one is offered more than one admission when there are people who didn’t even get one. In simpler terms, your school—after screening you—determines the criteria they want to use to admit applicants, they make a list of the applicants they have considered for admission based on the criteria they have determined or through any other means that could make the applicant qualify for the consideration for admission (runs, slots, etc.), they release the lists to JAMB, and JAMB uploads them to their web (CAPS). This should be enough to make it clear how it is not JAMB that offers admission but the school. This could seem like unneeded information, but for those having issues with their schools and JAMB over their admission; they cannot see this information as useless.
To continue talking about OAU’s release of the first batch to JAMB, I must tell that I've been getting news from my candidates—especially the ones aspiring the departments in the Social Sciences—that their admission statuses on CAPS have changed from “NOT ADMITTED YET” to “PROCESSING ADMISSION”. This is a good news-in-the-making for everyone who now has “PROCESSING ADMISSION” on their CAPS admission status, because it means in a matter of days or hours, that status would change to “CONGRATULATION YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION”, and they would be asked to accept the admission offer or reject it. So if you have “PROCESSING ADMISSION” on your CAPS admission status, be glad already, it can only turn to the good news you need so much right now and nothing else.
Now this is another confusion-causing issue I'm obliged to discuss; if your name is not with the first batch of names that’ll be uploaded soon, please don’t panic—at least not yet—as this does not necessarily mean you won’t be offered admission too—if you have done what you should do, when you should and as you should. The first batch is called the “Merit List”; which unarguably means the list will contain only the names of UTME and pre-degree applicants who got the cutoff of the departments they have applied to, or at least have the catchment or ELDS marks. Every other person who has done a thing or two to earn the consideration for admission (especially via “person-know-person”), people using executives and staffs’ slots, the Direct Entry applicants, the OAU Diploma applicants, as well as the pre-degree applicants who couldn’t score the grade point required to be admitted to their aspired department but scored average or above average of the overall attainable grade point of the Pre-Degree programme should all expect their names on the subsequent lists (the Second or Third List). I can only wish you all the best of luck as you expect to see your good news on your CAPS soon. Just don’t—out of joy—mistakenly click on “reject” instead of “accept when you see the admission offer on your CAPS. You’ll only think it doesn’t happen, but it does.

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